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Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 7, Issue 3 https:/ Note on Differentiating Personality and Psychopathology pSui Leap https:/ Note on PsychoSocial Behaviour pCajal Manningp https:/ Different Techniques for Behavioural Psychotherapy pQu Tinp https:/ Short Note on Behavioral Genetic Studies of Child Temperament pChin Leep https:/ Role of Anthocyanins in the Prevention and Treatment of Brain Disorders pMohammad Chinp Annals of Behavioural Science Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Management Economics Social Science https:/ 3rd International Conference on Psychology and Mental Health pspan stylefontsize110ptspan stylelineheight107span stylefontfamilyCalibri,sansserifspan stylecolorblackPatricia A Broderickspanspanspanspanp https:/ 5th International Conference on Innovative Research on Business Development and Economics pspan stylefontsize150ptspan stylelineheight107span stylefontfamilyCalibri,sansserifspan stylecolorblackFadwa El Guindispanspanspanspanp https:/ Announcement of 2nd International Conference on Women Entrepreneurs and Modern Leadership pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight107span stylefontfamilyCalibri,sansserifspan stylecolorblackAlexander O Terentevspanspanspanspanp Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ A Narrative Review of Pathophysiology and Psychopathology pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotFrancesco Weissspanspanstrongp https:/ Pseudogynecomastia in Occupational Medicine pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotZarbafi Banafshespanspanstrongp https:/ Replicated Findings from Behavioral Genetics pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotPaul Appelbaumspanspanstrongp https:/ Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome and Clinical Correlates pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyCambria,serifSwapna Sukumarspanspanstrongp https:/ SchizophreniaSpectrum Psychopathology in ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotVincent Rozalskispanspanstrongp https:/ CognitiveBehavioral Therapy in the Digital Age pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotStefan Gspanspanstrongp Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ Negative Impact on the Commerce between HealthCare Professionals pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan cambria stylefontfamilyLisa Sharanspanspanstrongp Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ Socioeconomic Status and Childhood Executive Function pNazanin Farhadip https:/ Retain Health Professionals in the Public Sector pPremjit Sarap https:/ GenotypeByEnvironment Interaction GEI Studies Probe Heterogeneity pKlint Benjaminp https:/ Cerebral Spinal Fluid CSF Discoveries in Patients with Coronavirus pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotChun Kimspanspanstrongp Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ Effect of Meditation technique on work performance and work of head of departments at a dedicated COVID19 tertiary care hospital A prospective interventional single blind randomized control study Ajay Prabhakar Sankhe, Vivekanand Shanbhag, Rajesh Kadam, Vijaykumar Gawali and Praveen Muley https:/ Health Behaviors and Health Empowerment among CommunityDwelling Ching Lin https:/ While Plentiful Examination has been led to Distinguish Risk Factors Silvia Carrera https:/ Wellbeing and Individual Attributes of the Person Leah Machen https:/ Contingent upon the Particular Determinants of the Way Magdalena Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ Significant Relationship between Varieties of Creativity Indicators Pogarell Segal https:/ PersonalityBased Internalizing and Externalizing Trauma Responses Coolidge Jennifer https:/ Significant Part of the Information on Psychopathology and Innovativeness Gilhooly Daga https:/ ReAssessed with InformantRatings of Personality Ming Zhou https:/ Character Autonomously Anticipated Later Psychopathology Isikli Oge Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Psychopathology in an Agent Natural Illustration of Psychotherapy Cases Elaine Jue https:/ Prompting the Improvement of Different Treatments in View of Biopharmaceuticals Dean Kay https:/ The Consolidated Rehashed Portion and Regenerative Harmfulness Screening Test Yang Ge https:/ Hydration in Biomedical Materials and their Association Accomplices Gire Drew https:/ An Engaging Methodology Expected to improve their Usefulness Bailey Sew Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 8, Issue 7 https:/ Adolescents with Chronic Pain Report Significant Emotional Distress Kayeong Yoon https:/ Anxiety in the Acute Early Phase and to Provide Important Implications Brendon Joseph https:/ Anxiety and Panic Are Prevalent Throughout the General Population Shengtao Chen https:/ Explicit Anxiety Measures Demonstrated Specificity in Predicting Grades Carolin Riba https:/ Anxiety Disorder Patients Controlling For the Presence and Severity of Pretreatment Symptoms Julia Paige Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ The Possibility of Employing Social Engineering Techniques Milena Katrin https:/ Development of Energy Storage and Integrated Energy Systems Thomas Corne https:/ Learning Culture Influence Organizational Citizenship Behavior Danni Idris https:/ Social Resiliency to the Individuals Context and Cultural Sensitivity Willem Kubota https:/ Behavior Issues that Arise with Stallions that are kept in Domestic Settings Mona Freas https:/ Human Research Are Being Generated From Anthropological Considerations Rasheda Marvin https:/ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Dennis Stattin https:/ Adolescent Psychopathology from a Maladaptive Trait Perspective Joshua Rosa https:/ Behavioral Intervention Strategies Handle a Variety of Health Outcomes Sara Jaspers https:/ Autism Spectrum Disorder Experience High Levels of Psychological Distress Heaven Leigh Annals of Behavioural Science Volume 9, Issue 2 https:/ Guidelines for the Development of Adolescent Psychiatric Care Genis Mattin https:/ Application of Strategies for Modifying Consumer Behavior Lena Atrin https:/ Dimensional Impairments that are Shared by all Diseases Illem Ubota https:/ Transformational Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Anni Iris https:/ Genetic Analysis of Behavioral Responses to Specific Experimental Tests Asheda Arvin https:/ Incorporating Effective Behavioral Counseling Strategies into Clinical Practice Lisa Dsouza https:/ Cognitive Behavioural Model of Clinical Perfectionism Eaven Eigh https:/ Emotional Instability and Parental Negative Control Oshua Josa https:/ Mental Disorders Including Efforts to Understand their Genetic Causes Torne Oas https:/ Human Animal Relations from an Ergonomic Perspective Psychopathology Ena Ras